With 25 years of experience in a broad range of categories and a thorough understanding of the business world’s need for information “yesterday”, Karen maintains flexibility:

To work with your timing needs to provide valuable input for “next steps” – whatever they may be.

To execute a variety of methodologies to meet research objectives at the most cost effective rates.

To shift the course of interviewing as client observers move up the learning curve - or as unexpected, new insights and issues are uncovered.

To incorporate learning from other countries, as it becomes available, in collaborative global projects.

To provide project deliverables in whichever way best meets your needs, whether it is in the form of a debrief, Topline, Full Report including verbatims or presentation.

Interviewing is conducted with a broad range of respondent segments, depending upon your research needs:

  • Consumers of all ages and genders: kids, teens, men/women, lifestyle segments
  • Business owners, Executives
  • Health Care Professionals: Physicians, nurses, optometrists
  • Direct-selling Distributors

A variety of settings may meet your specific needs:

  • Traditional focus group facilities
  • Ethnographic interviewing
  • Work/office settings
  • Retail Store

Any number of design methodologies can be used:

  • IDI’s, dyads, triads
  • Small to full-sized focus groups
  • “Best friend” dyads, Parent-child pairs, married couples
  • Telephone interviewing: open-ended, reactions to executions via restricted websites

Karen Fischer is a master at putting respondents at ease and probing deeply, beneath the surface. We always learn so much from her interviews and projective techniques. Karen’s thorough and creative analyses are far-reaching, with implications that always extend beyond our immediate objectives.

Manager, Market Research, Consumer Healthcare Company