• Decrease costs - no travel & lower research costs to meet tighter budgets
  • Provide faster project turnaround to meet critical deadlines - removes time barriers and obtains geographical dispersion quickly - can conduct groups in multiple cities within hours 
  • Increase convenience - No travel, fewer project logistics
  • Enhance geographical dispersion - Broad reach of participants across the US and globally
  • Capture low incidence respondents more easily & cost effectively
  • Ensure candid feedback in respondent's natural settings
  • Greater flexibility for longitudinal research
  • Enhanced opportunities for rich, multi-media feedback

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Fischer Research Associates is delighted to announce that it has partnered with 20/20 Research to provide trademarked tools and services to meet your online qualitative research needs:

QualMeeting:Real-time webcam interviewing for rich interactive qualities of in-person research

  • Upload a vast array of multi-media stimuli (concepts, visuals)
  • Respondents are able to mark-up messaging statements or graphics before sharing in the group

QualBoard: Bulletin Board Focus Groups

  • Asynchronous web-based "threaded" conversation that takes place over 3-5 days and allows participants to upload images, videos & webcam responses
  • Iterative concept testing can be conducted quickly and easily - more concepts can be tested without respondent fatigue due to an extended time frame over days

QualJournal: Online Journaling & Immersive Research

  • hand on computer mouseIdeal for product testing over a period of time in consumers' real world environment
  • High volume of information - allows participants to use blogs, upload photos, videos of product usage, etc. 

QualAnywhere: Mobile qualitative research using text messaging over a period of days or weeks

  • Excellent for longitudinal and diary type of information

QualVoice:Interactive, voice based diaries and surveys

  • Participants receive phone calls with recorded questions and speak their responses

Hybrid Approaches: Robust, creative research designs to engage respondents in a variety of methods including a combination of online approaches or a combination of online & face-to-face

Fischer Research Associates will partner with your quantitative supplier for a combination of quant-qual online methodologies.


For more information about how online methodologies can meet your research needs,
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