Principals strongly held by Fischer Research Associates include:

Quality control at each step of the process.

Flexibility to meet your research needs.

Thorough and far-reaching, creative analysis to provide a relevant conceptual framework for your category and brand, as well as insightful, actionable recommendations.

Timeliness and cost containment to meet your company’s needs


  • Support in project planning and design based on a thorough understanding of your research needs and business issues, including how the findings will be used, in order to ensure that the research is relevant and actionable.
  • Development of targeted screeners and focused Discussion Guides, based on clear objectives that are defined through engaging in a process with your research team.
  • Selection of facilities with a proven track record, with recruiting updates as desired by you.


Professional interviewing that incorporates an understanding of group dynamics, with techniques that establish rapport and facilitate hearing from all participants including discussion of conflicting views, probing contradictions, penetrating defensive behavior and handling sensitive topics while managing the energy and dynamics of the group.

Skillful, in-depth probing that dives below the surface to uncover emotional end benefits in order to understand underlying motivations and the “why” behind behavior.

Non-judgmental, clinical approach without pre-conceptions that listens with a “third ear”, probing what is unspoken, as well as what is spoken.

Maintaining respect and consideration for all respondents and confidentiality of clients.

Karen is our first choice qualitative partner in the U.S. Her key strengths are the quality, depth and detail of her analysis and insight. Her work always gives us everything we need to know with strategic multi-country studies or U.S.-only qualitative research.

Managing Director, UK based International Qualitative Research Consultancy