BRAND EQUITY: What does your brand stand for, in terms of meeting consumersí emotional needs?

  • What makes your core customers passionate about your brand, and how can you create the same emotional hook for light users and non-customers? What are your brandís core attributes, functional benefits and emotional end benefits and values?
  • What are strengths and weaknesses of your brandís image, in the context of societal trends? How can your brand gain traction in the marketplace?

Which brand elements resonate with consumers on an emotional level?

What degree of ďfitĒ does your brand have with consumer needs and values, in the context of current trends?

In the context of consumer needs, values and emotional benefits, what distinguishes your brand from the competition?

What elements of competitive superiority resonate with consumers on an emotional level? What are the key leveragable elements to grow your brand?

How does your brand reinforce emotional needs and values over time and consumer life stages?

What brand weaknesses need to be strengthened?

Are there limits or obstacles to your brandís growth? How can these be overcome?