When exploring positioning concepts (white card, visuals) or advertising executions (podcasts, TV, radio, print, storyboards) in a group setting, private, written reactions are obtained before discussion.

Qualitative research of concepts/executions probes the underlying meaning of verbal and visual stimuli, including:

Primary Communication: What is interpreted as the core idea or main message? What is the “big idea”?

Emotional Reaction: What is the type and degree of emotional response and “reasons why” in the context of consumer needs and societal trends?

Relevance: How meaningful is the concept/execution in terms of satisfying consumers’ identity needs, emotional needs and societal trends?

Appeal: What is liked/disliked and “why”, laddering to emotional end values?

Uniqueness: In comparison to other brands, what is distinctive about the concept/execution in terms of its message and needs communicated?

Brand Association: What degree of “fit” does the core message have with emotional needs met by your brand? Does the message remind consumers of competitive brands? If so, which ones and why?

Qualitative research compares concepts/executions, integrating the most compelling and successful elements from each.

I have known Karen Fischer for six years. Karen is very hard-working, attentive to details, responsive and flexible. She is also very creative and has surprised me many times with ideas on how to tackle difficult questions/issues. She establishes a great rapport with respondents in groups. She has a wonderful calmness about her and sense of being in-control (even when we change everything five minutes before the groups). I strongly recommend Karen for any type of qualitative research!

Marketing Research Director, Global Beauty Company